Saturday, December 16

Make Money Online Despite All The Challenges

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As I had written in many of my online articles, I have been making money online for a few years now. I have sought and discovered several ways of making money online but, not all of them seemed practicable for me given where I live and the challenges and limitations within which we meander in our quest to make income online.

I have managed to continue to make money online in spite of all we go through to do it. Many of you reading this may not understand what some of us in the developing countries have to do to be on the internet for a few hours daily. The problems are many but, I, like my fellow compatriots, chose to ignore the problems and challenges facing and surrounding us and focus on the financial freedom we are seeking online.

For we know that when we have attained a reasonable and consistent monthly income online, the joys we shall have will be nothing compared to the deprivations we suffered to get there.

Making Money Online – Going Forward

Despite all the challenges we face with making money online, I think that it is easier for many of us to attain financial freedom on the internet than outside it. 

Therefore, I will continue to do what works for me and improve what is not working well towards making more money online and attaining financial independence. 

I urge you to do the same; use the stumbling blocks around you as stepping stones towards reaching your goals of financial independence on the internet.


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