Weight Lost Diet And Nutritions

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If you and I went to the local magazine stand and scanned the covers of the fitness magazines we would find dozens of “weight loss” rules.

In fact we could spend the rest of the week reading magazines about the latest greatest weight loss tricks many of which may actually work for someone. But realistically there’s just no way you could actually follow ALL of them. So how do you know which ones are right for you?

The easy answer is you have to decide which rules fit best for YOUR life and then try to stick to just one or two that will make the most sense for you and have the most benefit.

This may be the first time in your life you become a scientist, and your experiment is you.

Here’s what you do…

Browse any of the popular magazines, blogs, websites or anywhere you like to get fitness information. Read up on the diet and weight loss tips and tricks, these could be simple changes like not drinking calories, or a bigger philosophy like limiting the amount of carbs that you eat.

Make a top ten list of diet strategies you’d like to try, and that sound doable to you.

At this point, add one new diet strategy to your life for two weeks.

Record your body weight at the beginning of the two weeks and again at the end.

If you haven’t lost any weight at the end of two weeks, this strategy doesn’t work (for you). Discard it and move on to the next one.

This is the simplest way to tell if a diet strategy or technique will work for YOU.

If the strategy you picked sounds like a good idea but seems too difficult for you to manage, then it’s simply not a good fit for you in this stage of your life. If it worked for your friend but not for you that’s okay because there will be one that works just for you. This is why you make a top 10 list and try each of them, one at a time.

Let’s suppose you find a strategy that works over a two week period and you don’t want to stop. That’s fine, just add the next one in the list.

If you can handle more than one strategy at once, more power to you because you’ll probably lose fat even faster. My guess is that sticking to more than one or two rules will be almost impossible, so it will be pretty easy to tell which strategy is really working.

For me the simpler, the diet is the better, (which is the main premise behind Eat Stop Eat).

Even when you are following the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle you can still use the top 10-diet rule as a way to guide how you eat on your ‘eat days’.

The top 10 diet rule experiment is the fastest way to find dietary habits that work for you – after all you’ll never know until you try.

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