Monday, December 18

Combat Rising Gas Prices $4 or More a Gallon

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The local gas prices in my area are on the rise. Crude oil price per barrel is currently more than $90 according to CNBC news. The situation in Lybia may shift where some of the worlds oil comes from. The price per gallon has changed as much as twenty five cents in the last week in my local neighborhood. Everyone locally and within the United States are talking about the increase in price and how it will affect them personally.

Who will these increases affect the most ?

Working people make our local economies comfortable to live in. Necessary jobs that are important are done by everyday hardworking folks. Riding public transportation is always a good option if it makes sense financially. Spitting gas costs between people going to the same area is another way to keep costs low.

Fixed Income

People on a fixed income may feel the strain when getting gas. Carpooling, riding the bus, or catching rides with friends or family may become necessary to combat the rising costs. Many seniors are independent and live alone and have adequate resources.  Helping out a friend that has a limited budget is a great gesture of friendship. Simply calling and offering to bring a friend along to the grocery store can help keep them under budget for the month.

Research Local Gas Prices

Start to pay closer attention to the local merchants prices before filling is a great free resource for finding out the best price before getting gas.

Gas prices also change and get higher locally towards the weekend. It is common for gas stations to have one price in the morning and a higher price in the evening.

Do not be in fear about what may or may not happen with the local gas rates. Simply plan better, and think out how to make things work. Empower yourself with knowledge of where to find the best gas prices first.



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