Friday, December 15

Avoid Being a Blogger With Nothing to Offer: How to Stand Out From The Crowd

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The internet is awash with bloggers. You literally cannot move for them these days, but the beauty of the internet is that there will always be room for one more. No matter what your subject or style, you can make your own part of the blogosphere work for you if you know how to stand out from the crowd.

The first and shiniest of all the golden rules for bloggers is to have something interesting to say. If you can’t engage a reader through your writing, then you’ll fall back into the swirling mass of blogs that are fine, but not great or memorable. There has to be a reason for readers to follow you and not someone else. Interesting, engaging and unique blog posts will help. It’s not the whole story, but without it, you’re lost.

You also have to ask yourself, what’s in it for my reader? Readers have to feel that they’re getting something from your articles. It could be that they can’t find the subject elsewhere and that you have stumbled into a niche that no one else is looking at. While that’s possible, it’s unlikely and most new blogs start up looking at subjects that are already well serviced blog-wise. So what is that you can offer? It might be a humourous take on the subject or it might be that you swim against the tide in your opinions, but whatever it is, it has to enhance the subject or add to the experience for the reader.

A blog with nothing to offer the reader can never be successful. Before you write any post for your blog, stop and ask yourself what’s in it for the reader.


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