Interpersonal Relationship Boosts Human Relationships

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Human relationships count in the way we do our businesses and the way we live our lives. For, after everything, what determines our success or failure is not the amount of money we have made or the number of assets we have accumulated, but the number of humans we have touched with the bounties that God made available for us.

Human Relationships in the Way we Live

How do we relate with people where we live? Positive human relationships will bring together a male and a female from differing background, tribe and color and keep them together as a couple, married and looking out for each other’s benefits. I am married to a woman I met a few years before we got married. 

My relationship with her has kept us married for some years and this relationship is now even stronger than it was at the beginning. It has, over time, spread to her people and my own people and we now see and deal with ourselves as related persons. 

In time, our children came and joined in this human relationship started just by the two of us. The tentacles of this relationship has grown to affect the men married to my wife’s sisters and those married to my own sisters as well as the women married to our brothers.

On the other hand, if we could not agree on issues, our relationship would have waned over time and we would have ended up separating or even becoming enemies unto ourselves with the attendant fear for our lives that will likely follow. 

Therefore, it is our human relationships that count and we should be more involved in win-win propositions instead of winner takes all ventures so that we can improve our human relationships for after all, it is human relationships that count.

In our everyday lives, we should seek to foster and boost the way we relate with others. This is the only way we can attain happiness and fulfillment on this earth. 

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