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Famous People Who Were Born on February 25-Celebrity Birthdays

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Sean Astin– (1971- ) Sam on the Hobbit movie-Santa Monica, CA

Tony Campolo– (1935- ) Christian Socialist-Philadelphia, PA

Carl Eller– (1942- ) Hall of Fame DE for Minnesota Vikings-Winston-Salem, NC

Herb Elliot– (1938- ) Held the World Record for 1500m, 1958-67, and for the mile run, 1958-62-Australia

Lee Evans– (1947- ) American who won two Olympic Gold Medals as sprinter in 1968-Madera, CA

Jeff Fisher– (1958- ) Former NFL Head Coach for Tennessee Titans-Culver City, CA

Rick Flair– (1949- ) WWE wrestler-Memphis, TN

Karen Grassle– (1944- ) Ma on Little House on The Prairie-Berkeley, CA

Chelsea Handler– (1975- ) comedian-Chelsea Lately-Livingston, NJ

Monte Irwin– (1919- ) famous Negro League baseball player-Major League Baseball player for the Chicago Cubs and the New York Giants-Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973-Columbia, AL

Bert McCracken– (1982- ) frontman of the Used- former boyfriend of Kelly Osbourne-Orem, UT

Nancy O’Dell– (1966- ) co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight-Myrtle Beach, SC

Mike Peters– (1959- ) frontman of The Alarm-Wales

James Phelps– (1986- ) Fred Weasley in Harry Potter-England

Oliver Phelps– (1986- ) George Weasley in Harry Potter- England

Daniel Powter– (1971- ) Canadian singer/songwriter ‘Bad Day’ song of the year by Billboard Magazine in 2006- Canada

Sally Jessy Raphael- (1935- ) Journalist and talk show host-Easton, PA

Bob Schieffer– (1937- ) journalist who covered the JFK assassination-Austin, TX

Ralph Stanley– (1927- ) American Bluegrass banjoist and singer-Virginia

Carrot Top– (1965- ) red headed comedian, not very funny-Cocoa Beach, FL

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