Tuesday, December 12

How to Save Money: Changing How We Think

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Most of us are going to have a lot of trouble learning how to save money if we get caught up in trying to keep up with the Joneses or even worse try to keep up with what we believe the Joneses are doing. Many of us are living on credit and trying to live a lifestyle that is indulgent but that in the long run isn’t necessarily fulfilling. If we want to really make changes we have to learn to change our focus to the things that we think are truly important and learn to embrace saving rather than looking at it as some form painful denial of things that make us happy. Like hamsters on the wheel many of us are going in circles not really thinking of our spending habits and the things we could do to change our ways. Some of us are forced to make these changes while others have just decided it is something they value.

One thing we can do to learn how to save money is come up with our personal list of money saving tips that will work for us as we learn how to save moneybetter. We can make a list of all the things we think great savers do and then take pride in doing some of those things ourselves. I have created my own list and it has been very helpful. I haven’t always been a good saver so I needed to do it in a deliberate and structured way. A lot of what we decide we can do without is personal and depends on what each of us considers a keeper on our list of needs and preferences. However, the underlying psychology of saving means directing our minds towards being a great saver.


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