How to Build a Good Buyers List When Selling Houses

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Even in a bad real estate market, you can sell your houses fast if you have a list of potential buyers.

 This is called a buyers list, a must have component of successful real estate investing.  This article guides you how to build an effective buyers list.

 Some real estate investors want to build a buyers list before they have a property for sale.  Do you get buyers first or properties first?

 It does not hurt to have a buyers list before the property, but this should not prevent you from getting your next deal. Once you get a property, the process of selling it must involve building your buyers list.   Go ahead and buy your next deal even if you don’t have a buyers list.

1)    Get a real estate investor website
 This should be among the first things you do. You must have a place to manage your buyers list.   A good real estate investor website should take care of this.

 On your website, potential buyers sign up so they get notified when you have the next deal.   If you are selling properties already, you must collect name and email before you allow them to view property details.

 In other words, they must join your buyers list to view details.

If you do not have properties for sale you can use an effective squeeze page, or landing page that convinces them to join your buyers list before they can access your properties.

They will get an instant email thanking them for joining your buyers list and that you will be sending them deals or homes as they become available depending on their needs.

 A good real estate investing website must also give you ability to network on twitter, facebook etc so your property is seen by as many people as possible.   A send to friend feature lets people send your properties to their friends.

 Of course they join your buyers list when they come to your website.

2)     Marketing properties for sale
Any ad you place anywhere must have your website address where to view the property.   I built my first buyers list by running newspaper ads. I never provided a phone number, just a web address that had a squeeze form.   They had to provide their contact info before they could view property details.

In today’s market, you can also advertise in places like Craigslist and other online media.   Always send them to your website.

In addition, you may provide a phone number with a voice mail that points them to your website.  Even if you talk to them, probably they are already in your buyers list.

A good real estate investing website is suggested at the end of this article.

3)    Sending out your properties
 You just need to email your properties from your website.  Your buyers list is a list of local home buyers.  Do not be surprised if you sell properties the same day you send out your email.

Successful real estate investing must be driven by closing more deals spending less time, money and effort. Automating tasks and running real estate investing business is streamlined by having a real estate investor website that cuts down your work load while making you a more efficient deal maker.


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