Game Review: Fallout: New Vegas

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Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas shares more than a name with its well known real-world counterpart, including an assortment of playable casino games. If you massage your luck skill enough, you can make a killing on the tables. After playing a few hands of blackjack or spins at roulette, you can expect a personal thank-you from the floor manager. Free drinks and steaks are nice, but the real high rollers can get comped rooms – not too shabby. That level of hospitality is fleeting, though. Hit the jackpot on the slots and you’re likely to get a personal escort out of the casino. The house has to make some money, too, so you’re only welcome up to a point.

Out in the Mojave Wastelands, far from “civilization,” we tested a few of the game’s new weapons. The throwing spear is a handy and powerful new tool for impaling fools. Incendiary grenades pack a deadly punch, with a flaming blast that at times sends enemies skyward. If you see one of those things dancing around your feet, run. The C4 packs played! The first hands-on experience are still a lot of fun, especially if your sneak skill is high enough, Mega-jerks will know that you can plant these devices into NPC inventories and just the right time to detonate them. If your mind is spinning as you imagine the possibilities this opens up, you are not alone.

Fallout: New Vegas is stacking up to be a welcome new dose of Fallout. We’re still eager to dig deeper into the story and develop character (unlucky dummy, here we come). Untio then, at least we can say the superficial aspects of the game are coming along nicely.


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