Thursday, December 14

Beautifull Winter in Poland

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Our winter in Poland is very strange. Somtimes is original, but sometimes like other season of year.  Now we have much more snow then even, but it wasn’t before. Polish winter is long, it is amount 3 – 4 mounts. Usually from November to April of next year. The days are short and evenings came about 4 p.m.. People are taired, and must wear very warm clothes.  


But all december 2010 was rainy and gray. There wasn’t a kind of sign of winter it was just late autum.

A January was frozen and snowly. I like skiing, but in Poland we walk on ski. We have long ways in forest.

After that come February and temerature below – 20°C. It is now terrible, because car dosen’t start. You need to use much more gasoline then other seasons.  All glass is painted in frozen flowers.


Birds sitting on trees and trying to find something to eat. I combined a stand for birds, and my family can look at beautifull birds. We use grane and scaps of bread, to put to the stand. Somethimes I think, that ours birds are our great clients. Yes its need ours help in all long winter. Its tray to give us some happines in that cold time.


Yes winter is white and beautifull, but living is hard, I dream about hot summer time.


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