The Wholesalers List: What Exactly Is It?

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If you decide on a product you’d like to sell, then a wholesalers list can prove invaluable. It can save you effort, time and potentially, money. But, what is a wholesalers list and how does it work?

The Meaning Behind The List

A wholesalers list provides you with a database of wholesalers from which you can purchase various items. The reason why they are so popular is that they save you the time of having to research each company yourself. For instance, if you want to sell laptops and need wholesalers from which to purchase them, you can search for a wholesalers list and immediately have a number of companies to compare to each other.

The Positive Points

·         You don’t have to research each company thereby saving you time and effort.

·         You can compare different companies more easily and quickly.

·         You can keep abreast of new wholesalers on the market.

The Negative Points

·         Some lists might charge you a fee.

·         The list might not provide up-to-date information or be accurate.

·         The companies provided might not be legitimate.

·         Some websites contain Internet forums. You should be aware of reading reviews on these because wholesalers can easily provide their own false testimonial under a pseudonym. If you can, verify the information.

Wholesalers List Scams 

Wholesalers lists have been used in certain scams. One example of this is eBay.  If you are thinking of looking into eBay suppliers, you should be aware of the wholesale list scam. What has happened is that a wholesale list auction has given the appearance of selling a product when in fact it’s simply selling a wholesalers list of companies that sell that product.

The Importance of Independent Research

Even if you’re sure your list is supplying you with trustworthy companies, always take a little extra time to conduct your own research.

·         Look into their rating with the Better Business Bureau.

·         Use Whois to ascertain how long they have had an Internet presence.

·         Check the wholesalers’ contact information.

·         Read reviews and feedback on the company.

As with a dropshippers directory, a wholesalers list can be a great way to find a wholesaler. However, it is important to bear in mind that although most are out to help you save time and effort, some are simply out to take your money. Conducting your own research can prevent you from being a victim of a scam list.


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