Egyptian Astronomy

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In Egypt as In many other early civilizations, astronomy was seen more as a religion than a science. Astronomer priests created tales of Egyptian gods, and used primitive calenders based on the skies to predict Important agricultural events. For example the first appearance of Sirius– the brightest star In the nights sky, after months of absence was an event known as HELIACAL. When this occurred the astro-priests could predict when the Nile’s next annual flood was due. This was very important as It was needed to Irrigate their crops.

These people also saw patterns In the stars- constellations. Orion was to them, Osiris the god of the dead. Also In the band of light that we know as the Milky Way Galaxy, they saw the goddess of the sky Nut giving birth to Ra, the god of the sun.

Another important fact bears on how the Great Pyramids were constructed. They lie In the same position as the stars of Orion’s belt do In the nights sky. Replication of this all them years back before modern astronomical tools were Invented, makes this seem like a feat of pure genius. We probably couldn`t do as good a job today with all our GPS etc.


The great pyramids and their relation to the constellation of Orion.

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