Making A Successful A Maid of Honor Speech

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Before you make what is hopefully a brilliantly successful Matron”>”>Matron of Honor Speeches  , you had better get the basics right. There are a few questions that need to be answered first. 

 There are several areas you need to cover. The most important thing is to be clear in your own mind how you are going to play it. What are these areas?

What are these areas? Humor?, Length?, Relationship to other speeches? and Delivery?

One of the big challenges facing a maid of honor is out of your control. It’s the running order of the speeches. You are well down the pecking order and much of what you wanted to say may well have been said already. Make sure it “fits” in with the rest of the speeches.

1/. Should I be funny or sincere or both?

Are you funny (I mean do other people find your story telling funny)? You may want to use a humorous speech but find that the previous one caused offence and people are not in the mood for another attempt just right now. In this case you may need a back up, toned down speech. Keep the emotion but miss out some of the funny (let’s face it, embarrassing) content.

You may have to face the fact that your sense of humour may be wrong for the guests or family. Someone may have humiliated the couple already. If you carry on regardless, you may be rubbing salt into the wounds.

2/ How long should it be?

You may have to follow several other speakers who have overrun time wise. The other speeches may have been boring and overlong. The wedding guests may be thinking “Oh no. Not another speech. I wonder how long THIS one is going to be?” It’s best to keep it short and sweet. Remember, this is the Bride and Groom’s day, not your audition for a talent show!

3/  Your speech must go alongside the previous ones.

 Just giving your prepared speech regardless of preceding ones could be problematic. You could be interrupting the smooth flow of the ceremony if you present your prepared speech as is without taking into account what went before. Who knows, someone may have stole your best jokes or stories?

I don’t mean say the same things. I mean keep in tone with the rest (except when all the others have bored the pants off everyone)

4/ The delivery. When even the most well laid plans can fail.

Whatever you do, make sure you stay sober up until this point at least. Try to resist the need for “Dutch courage”. If not, you will almost certainly see your drunken attempts at a humorous speech doing the rounds on the internet. You may even find yourself as a Youtube sensation.

Oft quoted “wisdom” is to have a couple of drinks before you make your speech (to calm your nerves). That’s OK but don’t go too far. I’ve often told a story of a Maid of Honor who was “well oiled” by the time it came to deliver her speech. Trying to deliver it without notes she froze (literally). Whilst all the guests thought she was pausing for effect and waited for something very poignant, she had forgotten her lines (and most likely, where she actually was!). After the best part of a minute, the Bride’s father realised what was happening and put her out of her misery.

Don’t forget that the wedding speeches are almost certainly going to be recorded. That means any drunken ramblings will be recorded for posterity! I really recommend playing it safe. It’s going to be a very long day when there will be plenty of time for drinking later on. My advice is to get your Matron”>”>Matron of Honor Speeches  out of the way first.


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