Tuesday, December 12

The Caspian Sea Monster

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Please take the following as an article about the writers wonder at the things people can put together and the seagull reference as my way of understanding the facts and an introduction, There’s plenty of bits and pieces on the web about this, videos included but its not something that’s likely to pop up unless you are looking for it.
The Caspian Sea Monster

Although I know what the Caspian Sea Monster is it always make me think of that line in the first Rocky film when Apollo Creed says “Sounds like a dam monster movie!”

Some years ago now I saw a documentary on TV about Ekranoplan, ground effect aircraft that basically use the cushion of air between its wings and the sea.

We’ve all seen this since we were children, whether it be watching a gull float effortlessly over and close too the sea or with paper aeroplanes and gliders which used to be made of balsa wood but now all seem to be made of that foamy stuff. The Seagulls wafting over the seas surface gliding smooth and happy without the flap of a wing and the gliders paper or otherwise catching the right position close to the ground and seemingly floating on for miles.
I’d recorded the program and watched it quite often, fascinated, unfortunately I got rid of the video tape years back along with other recordings I wish I had kept, however the internet is here thank god and without getting too scientific (as there are plenty of references that do that much better than I can) I have revisited the subject primarily thinking that I could write a few interesting facts about the “monster” in question and maybe bring it to mind to those who may not have heard of it yet.

The Caspian Sea Monster is an Ekranoplan ground effect plane the proportions of which boggle your thinking rather like Howard Hugh’s H-4 Hercules or “Spruce Goose”, while reading around the net I picked up this definition which said “Ground Effect = aerodynamic interaction between wings and surface” which is as scientific as I intend to get here as I’d rather look at it as a wonderfully big thing that men have built. This Ekranoplan is/was Russian, a 550 ton military Thunderbirds meets Lord of the Rings hulk of a thing, 73m long with eight turbojets I just love to look at it and wonder at how it got to exist. Above I have said is/was as I do remember that in the documentary that there was at least one “Sea Monster” still in existence, albeit in storage, I hope its still there.




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