Exclusive Travel Guide to Read Before You Board Flights to Doha!

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Cheap flights to Dohaare available online. There is a quaint charm about the city which will keep you spellbound when you are expediting Doha. This particular article gives you an insight of the leading tourist sites in the city. Before you make any preparations to plan your holidays at Doha, just go through this article to ensure that your visit to the city remains a cherished one.

Doha’s Weather

As the city is situated in the Arabian Peninsula, Doha features an arid climate and remains hot throughout the year. Like any other town in the desert, Doha’s temperature rises during the day but drops down variably at night. After the summers are over in September, climate of Doha becomes favorable for the tourists alluring them to book Dohaflights. You can also book cheap flights to Doha by availing the services of a leading online travel service provider.

Destinations You Need to See in Doha

When you step out of the flights to Doha at Doha International Airport, the city gives you a feel of a glamorous town. Though, Doha is full of skyscrapers and modern infrastructure, it is yet colored with its age-old tradition. Mentioned here are some of the major tourist attractions of Doha which are a must-see while you are holidaying in the city.

  1. CornicheBay

This seven km long bay is the prime attraction and most picturesque spot of the city. There is a port where you can capture the pictures of ships sailing to and fro the harbor in your camera. Adding to the beauty of the bay are some high-rise structures which leave you feel escalated. To have a feel of the moment in real, you can always book flights to Doha at discounted rates with the help of an online travel service provider.

  1. Souq Waqif

Not interested in clicking pictures of the skyscrapers? Here is the ideal place to rejuvenate yourself while you are in Doha. This is a renovated Arabic market where you can roam endlessly. Don’t you want to have the experience of walking down the streets like Aladdin and Jasmine in Arabian nights? The spot fills you with enormous joy. Doha flights can be booked while sitting at home with the help of an internet-based travel service provider.

  1. DohaHeritage Village

A visit to this village offers an insight of traditions of Qatar. Tourists can enjoy occasional festivals and activities. To experience the customary weaving, pearl trading and other handicraft activities, book Cheap flights to Dohanow!

Food and Shopping

Dohais the place where one can please their taste buds with various cuisines. You can choose from Indian, Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Italian food items apart from the typical Middle East food.

Shopping in Doha is like a dream come true for everybody as there are varieties of brands to pick from and that too duty free! If you love shopping until dropping, catch flights to Doha anytime soon.


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