Caffeine And Children

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As a mom who followed her children and watching what happens around them, I can say that this survey can be easily extended in Italy, if not the whole world.

This is because I realize that from the earliest years of life of children, there is a certain indifference to what is given them to drink and eat.

Known to all is that the color is a soft drink, but rich glaze of caffeine. Yet despite this, it also offers peace to children in kindergarten.

In addition to the Cola there are other substances which contain caffeine. tags that are eaten or drunk by our children every day (often excessively).

The best known are the, often used during the summer thirst-quencher, but rich in protein that has the same effects as caffeine.

Another element is the chocolate, everyone knows its energizing properties, but often no one asks the reason for these properties.

Unfortunately not everyone knows that in addition to coffee, tea, cola and chocolate, there are many other foods that we give to our children almost every day, without realizing that we are giving them a certain amount of excitement.

Here is a list of the most common:

The flash powder 3680 mg

Instant coffee powder 3142 mg

The istantaneo in polvere, al limone, non zuccherato 2066 mg

Milk chocolate with coffee 800 mg

Instant cappuccino powder, unsweetened 302 mg

Cocoa powder 230 mg

Coffee, espresso 212 mg

The instant, powder, decaffeinated 169 mg

The instant sweetened lemon 124 mg

Instant coffee powder, decaffeinated 122 mg

Bitter dark chocolate 80 mg

Plain chocolate 66 mg

Instant chocolate drink, sugar free 52 mg

Liquid chocolate, sugar free 47 mg

Mocha coffee in the cup 40 mg

Malted and chocolateo 37 mg

Red bull 30m g

Crunch, nestle 30 mg

Red bull, energy drink 30 mg

Instant coffee powder, prepared with water 26 mg

Instant chocolate drink 25 mg

The 20 mg

Milk chocolate 20 mg

Chocolate milk, cereal 20 mg

Chocolate with caramel and nuts 19 mg

Milk chocolate with almonds 18 mg

Chocolate Marshmallow 18 mg

Marshmallow chocolate and hazelnut 16 mg

Lemon soda (or soda lime) with Caffeina 15 mg

Tartufi dolci 15 mg

Crostata al cioccolato 15 mg

Kit kat 14 mg

M&m’s, con cioccolato al latte 14 mg

Tavoletta di cioccolata messicana 14 mg

Cioccolato al latte con arachidi 14 mg

Budino al cioccolato 14 mg

Biscotti al cacao farciti con crema 13 mg

Biscotti al cioccolato 12 mg

The istantaneo in polvere, preparato 11 mg

Cookies 11 mg

M&m’s, con arachidi 10 mg

Cioccolato al latte con uvette 10 mg

Cioccolata dietetica 9 mg

Coca cola 8 mg

Liquore alla crema di caffe 8 mg

Snickers 8 mg

Chocolate wafers 7 mg

Hazelnut cream and cocoa 7 mg

Twix 7 mg

Chocolate Mousse 7 mg

Chocolate syrup 7 mg

Milky way 6 mg

cream Cake and chocolate 6 mg

Chocolate Frosted Flakes 4 mg

Cereal, Kellogg’s Choco Crispies 3 mg

The nestea lemon 3 mg

Chocolate ice cream 3 mg

Cold Chocolate Yogurt 3 mg

Chocolate bars and fibers 3 mg

Soy milk, chocolate 2 mg

Brownie 2 mg

Eclairs with chocolate glaze 2 mg

Whole milk with chocolate syrup 2 mg

Milkshake Chocolate 2 mg

Chocolate Yogurt 2 mg

Instant coffee powder, decaffeinated, prepared with water 1 mg

Chocolate milkshake, fast-food 1 mg

The deteinato 1 mg

Chocolate drink with milk whey 1 mg

Donut with chocolate, sugared or glazed 1 mg

We should realize that on the one hand we make the happiness of our children when we give them bread or biscuits or chocolate egg with surprise, and secondly, we are doing them harm.

Excessive use of these substances, especially if prolonged, leads to arousal, hyper-activity, insomnia. It is and you notice that children and young people are not calm, it hard to relax, have a hard time falling asleep. This then is little or no quiet


This leads to an obvious conclusion!

If at first you have the behavior of hyper activity in the long run, you can get to more serious situations, behavioral, physical and psychological problems more severe.

Perhaps it would be more just a little more careful what I eat and drink now our children to give them a better psycho-physical state when they are adults.

Better safe than sorry.


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