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5 Tips For Building a New Roof Easily

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Roofing is a complex work and is something that we will need to undertake at some point in time. The technique of roofing varies depending upon the structure of the house, but the main concepts and steps happen to be the same. The main reason why we need to construct a new roof is due to reasons like water leakage. As such, during building a roof we have to keep in mind, that while preparing it for building we must ensure that the roof is properly covered to block any sort of water leakage.

For building a roof, first you need a working plan, which you will use throughout the construction. With a proper laid plan, the task can be made simpler. Other than the plan, you will need a list of tools, which will assist you with the work. The tools are:

*      30 pound roofing paper.

*      Hammer Stapler.

*       Hammer.

*      Nails.

*      Roofing gun.

*        Shingles

*      Pitchfork & Shovel.

Once the tools are ready, you can start with the roofing process. Here are some of the tips, which will help you construct a new roof easily.

1.      The first tip will be to ensure that the old roof is properly dismantled. To do this, you can use a pitchfork and a shovel to tear apart the old roof. To do it quickly, you can start from the corner and bring out chunks of shingle together.

2.      The next tip will be to clean up the whole mess, which was produced during dismantling the older roof. For help you can use nail magnets so that you can easily collect them and ensure safety.

3.      Next, once your roof is dismantled and all the bits have been cleared, your task is to cover the roof with roofing paper. The tip for this will be to ensure that the roof is properly covered with the paper and at times use double layers to ensure water resistance. A tip during nailing down the paper to the roof boards is when doing it in the bottom edge use a nail at a gap of four inches. In the middle, use a nail every two inches and at the top use a nail every inch. By doing this you ensure that the paper can be laid down efficiently and the roof is waterproof.

4.      The next tip is regarding the placement of the new shingles. For doing that the first task will be to measure the whole roof first and then take single shingles to cover up the whole roof. By taking single shingles, you can place them properly over the roof, as per your measurement taken.

5.      The last tip is for nailing down the new shingles. The nailing of the shingles can be done differently for ensuring proper roofing. The tip is to drive three nails into every shingle, one across the middle and two four inches in from each side.

The word for new roof in Danish is Nyt tag tilbud and if you need some more great tips you should visit this website. It is in Danish but Google Translator can help you with the translation. To see how you can tell if your house needs a new roof at all, click here.


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