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Lcd TV Buying Guide For Sony Lcd Televisions

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There are very few 37 LCD televisions in the market that can compete with the price range of  Sony LCD televisions. The Sony KDL series has a very nice design and is quite affordable that comes with sleek exterior. Despite of its imperfect color accuracy and uniformity hiccup, it displays excellent picture quality. There are some extensive features such as third high definition media input (HDMI) and power saving modes. It has a shiny black frame with compact thickness on all four sides of screen. The stand cannot be swiveled which is annoying. The design chops of Sony also extend to menu and remote system. It comes with compact clicker which is similar to other Sony models. The cursor at the center is surrounded by four buttons which are very difficult to navigate especially the wide button for aspect ratio. There are some keys in the remote control that allow you to control other compatible devices via infrared.

Sony LCD Televisions come with list of wide variety of selections on the left hand side. It would have been better if Sony included text explanations for some menu items for accessing functions of TV. The tools menu in 37 LCD televisions gives you access to last used channels and inputs, shortcut menu, speaker, often-used functions, sleep timer and sound modes at the bottom of screen. The screen of Sony displays 768×1366-native resolution which is found in very few Sony models. On other hand there are lots of picture adjustments such as three adjustable picture modes which are independent per input. There is a theater key on remote control that gives you access to Cinema Preset. There are other adjustments such as Cinemotion control for handling 2:3 pull down ratio, black corrector for modifying picture and three modes of noise reduction.

There are some aspect ratio settings in Sony LCD Televisions such as 4 for standard definition sources and three for high definition sources. There are lots of aspect ratio controls including display area setting for increasing overscanide, ability to handle 4:3 video sources and a special mode which is designed for correcting ration based on content. The connectivity in this 37 LCD Television is better as compared to low priced TVs in the market such as Panasonic TC-32LX1. The back panel of Sony provides VGA style input, RF & PC input, third high definition media input, analog audio output, dual component video, two HDMI inputs and optical digital audio output. It performs well like an excellent PC monitor with low resolution display that has the ability to resolve both VGA and HDMI sources.

 Here are few LCD TV buying guidelines.

1) If you are such a person who does more research before buying products and weighing their advantages and disadvantages, shopping will be overwhelming experience.

2) Confusion plagues those shoppers as well who are more precise about TV marketers, vendors and manufacturers that mostly create uncertainty and push new technologies, add-ons and features.

3) The main feature you need to concentrate on is the overall picture quality as they vary from different models and washed out images.


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