Does The X4 Labs Penis Extender Really Work For Penis Enlargement?

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The X4 Labs Penis Extender ranks among one of the most popular penis enlargement devices right now. This little known company has become quite famous because of this flagship product from its stable, and mainly because of the various comfort features that it has incorporated into the device. However, the question that most people are asking is whether the X4 Labs Penis Extender really works for penis enlargement as it is advertised.

After a lot of tests on the product, and comparison with several other top penis extenders in the market right now, we arrived at a positive conclusion about the X4 Labs Penis Extender. We found that this product does add inches to the length of the penis (though some might feel the results take a long time coming) and also enhances the girth of the penis quite substantially. For about an inch increase in the length of the penis, you might have to wait for over three months. However, our personal opinion is that if you are getting permanent results, then the wait isn’t a problem at all. And what really improves things is that this device also makes the penis thicker, which is what women really love.

So, why does this penis extender have an edge over the other products in the market? We found that the result lies in a fact that other penis extender manufacturers haven’t given much thought to. This is because of the comfort factor that the X4 Labs Penis Extender provides to the wearer. This company has innovated the comfort strap technology. Earlier penis extenders were meant to the attached to the penis with the help of an inconvenient noose, which would prove to be painful after a while, despite the fact that it was made of silicone. The comfort strap provided with this extender is quite flexible and wraps around the penis quite snugly, making it a very comfortable form of attaching to the penis.

And for people who are more used to the noose, that is also provided in the package, which adds to the versatility of the product. Whatever you want—the comfort strap or the noose—you have it both in the package. Incidentally, this is the only extender product in the market that provides users both options.

Another very commendable fact about the X4 Labs Penis Extender, we felt, is that it comes with a large number of attachments, probably the largest number in the market right now. The product comes with extra memory foam comfort pads, a set of eight nickel brass extension rods of different sizes and an instruction CD. The extension rods help to gradually increase the traction on the penis as results begin to show. In addition, there is also a bonus CD that explains various sex positions. There are about 30 different sex positions that prove to be an incentive to men to continue their penis enlargement programs till the end and experience these different sexual stances.

So, our research on the X4 Labs Penis Extender System indicates that this is quite a worthwhile product to buy and use. We found that just because the product is more comfortable to use, men can use it for longer periods of time and experience better results. The product, when used regularly, doesn’t just add to the size of the penis in length and girth, but can also improve penile curvatures, improve the sexual stamina of the person and make him a better performer in bed. It is these benefits that add immensely to the usefulness of the product, making it quite a leader in the penis enlargement market today.

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