Is The Andropenis Gold Extender Really The Best Extender Ever?

Andromedical has worked up quite a reputation in the world of penis enlargement. Its various penis enhancement devices have been well-received. The Andropenis Gold Extender is an improved version of its previous traction devices, and considering the name that the company has notched up, people are taking a closer look at this device. So far, it looks like people are quite happy with the product, mainly because they are getting their expected results in a safe and effective manner.

What is the Andropenis Gold Extender? Basically, this is yet another traction device. The device attaches to the head and the base of the penis, and there are rods in between that you can tighten to increase the pressure on the penis. You begin at lower traction pressures and then work your way to higher values. This traction makes the cells within the bulk of the penis to multiply and subsequently grow. It is this process that enlarges the penis.

There are two important points to note about the working of the Andropenis Gold Extender. Firstly, because this product brings about an increase in the number of cells itself, its effects are permanent. Secondly, this is a completely natural method which can be safely used by anyone above the age of 18 years. The device has been accorded with Grade 1 Medical device status, which means anyone can use it without fearing what it might do to them. There are no complications or side-effects of using this device reported so far.

One of the distinguishing features about the Andropenis Gold Extender is that it uses a comfort strap arrangement. Earlier extenders had a noose with which they were connected to the head of the penis. This noose would prove to be too cumbersome and difficult to use for long periods of time. It was because of this substandard and inconvenient construction that the earlier devices got a bad name; they could not yield the desired results. However, Andropenis Gold Extender is quite comfortable to use and you can use it for the recommended 8 hours a day without much of a problem.

Another big benefit here is the kind of results that Andropenis Gold Extender produces. Our tests showed that the extender can bring about an increase of around 1.6 inches in the length of the penis and an increase of about 0.6 inches in the girth of the penis. Now, different men react to the product differently, but these results are the average over a large number of men. In most men, these results are achieved within 3 months of usage.

But the most commendable point here is that the penis enlargement is also quite visible when the penis is flaccid. With most penis extenders, you can see results only when the penis is erect, if at all, but with the Andropenis Gold Extender device, you will find your flaccid penis increasing in size as well.

Apart from the improvement in the size of the penis, the Andropenis Gold Extender is also doctor-recommended for men who suffer from the Peyronie’s Disease, i.e. the condition of penile curvature. It is also of help for men who have erectile dysfunctions and men who find that they suffer from low libido.

There are certain other helpful features that catapult the Andropenis Gold Extender to the position of the best extender in the market right now. It comes with a full instruction manual that carries instructions in 27 languages, it comes in a white box so that it can be shipped discreetly, and it has special provisions such as an Androcomfort Band, and a wooden case to preserve it when not in use.

All in all, the Andropenis Gold Extender is a worthy candidate for being the best penis extender in the market right now. A major part of that is because it really does what it promises; i.e. it bring about the increase that it claims.

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