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Do Male Enhancement Exercises Really Work?

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Male enhancement exercises have been used since centuries. Ancient men who lived in a high state of physical exposure were quite concerned about the size of their penis, which was more of an indicator of social status than it is today, if at all. That was one of the reasons why male enhancement was so important in almost all of the cultures around the world in those times and men used everything from herbs to exercise in order to ensure their organs were better than those of their peers.

Looking at the way men in those days relied on male enhancement exercises, it would be all right to think that they really showed positive effects. The longer and wider penises shown in the cave paintings, sculptures and art forms all across the globe are a quiet testimony to the fact that back then men had more enviable organs than today. To a large extent, this could be attributed to the fact that men were more conscious about their penis sizes in those times and did things to enhance their penises.

The truth is that male enhancement exercises work. They work in a very natural way. Most of these exercises target the spongy tissues of the penis directly, the central corpus spongiosum and the corpora cavernosa which flank it, and enable more blood to flow into them. It is because of this reason that the penis becomes bigger when it is aroused as it can accommodate a higher volume of blood into its spongy tissues.

Most male enhancement exercises stimulate the tissues in such a way that they are “loosened” and if any kinks or narrow areas are present in them, they are “opened out”.The holding capacity of the penis increases, and this allows more blood to flow into the penis.

Male enhancement exercises were also known to cure several other problems of the male reproductive system. There are records that these exercises were used to cure anatomical problems such as the Peyronie’s Disease (commonly known as ‘curved penis’) and even biological problems such as erectile dysfunction and impotence. Young men were taught male enhancement exercises usually by their fathers to gain better control over their libido and perform better when having sex. However, the basic intention of these exercises had always been to increase the length and girth of the penis, the ultimate object of masculinity as it was considered in those times.

The male enhancement exercises that are used today are mostly variations of these age-old methods themselves. Two of the common male enhancement exercises used today jelquing and milking—are direct descendants of old techniques that were

practiced by men in different civilizations across the world. However, today it is easier to learn how to practice these exercises because of the Internet. Several videos carrying instructions and practical demonstrations of these exercises can be easily found on the Internet.

If you are still on the fence about whether you should use male enhancement exercises or not, our recommendation would be that you go right ahead. These are completely natural ways of improving your vital organ and hence are totally safe to try out if you are still harboring some reservations about them.

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