Information About Different Types of Linux Website Hosting

Today Linux is widely popular operating system for personal computer because it is open sources operating system for personal computers, web server or digital devices. Linux operating system has no different types but Linux operating system is differed by its distributors and extremely popular in professional website hosting industries. Today more and more website hosting providers sells Linux hosting plans/packages due to its open source flexibility and affordability and their compatibility with different programming languages and platforms such as MySQL. Java, PHP, XML etc. But remember one thing not every Linux Website Hosting plans are same with features, prices and versions but it’s depend on Website Hosting Providers.

You can find following list of Different types of Linux used in Website Hosting


CentOs is developed by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and it’s widely known as community enterprise. It is abbreviation of Community Enterprise Operating System and widely used as Linux web server. Some Hosting providers or business owners used CentOS for corporate hosting environment and its popular hosting control panel cPanel. Its latest version is 6 with i386, x86-64 architecture.


It is popular computer operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux distribution and its primarily designed for desktop use. Ubuntu is containing all basic applications and tools for website hosting and personal computers such as offices suite, web browser, instant massaging etc. Ubuntu is free and easy to install then other Linux versions and you can download easily from its official’s site. You can also used Ubuntu as web server operating system.


It is derivation of Ubuntu Linux operating system means it’s used KDE Plasma Desktop instead of the GNOME graphical environment. Its features and functionality is similar to Ubuntu and its flexible operating system for home and commercial use.


It is open source software and under with GNU General Public License. It is used Linux kernel and GNU os tools. Its architecture and functional components are similar to Kubunty and Ubuntu. It is compatible to UNIX technology and used UNIX style command. It is offering high performance with low powered web server and computers that’s why website hosting company used with Linux website hosting plans.

Finally all above linux versions have their own functionality and features and Linux website hosting reseller Company provides suitable plan which fits with your requirement.

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