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Solar Panels Grimsby , Solar Panels For Home, Solar Panels

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If you are interested in reducing the costs on your electricity production then Solar PV Panels are the thing for you. 365 Solar are a creditable solar instillation company that can guarantee a reduction in your electricity costs by increasing your production of electricity using sustainable sources. 365 Solar are MCS accredited which makes them and you eligible for the governments feed-in tariff scheme, which guarantees an income for up to 25 years.

                Solar Panels for your home, especially Solar PV Panels can reduce your electricity costs in no time. 365 Solar use their own established electrical and plumbing contractors to install your Solar PV panels, which means that the job will always be completed to the highest possible standards.

                The feed in tariff guarantees a payment for all the electricity you generate as well as a bonus payment for any of the electricity that is exported back over to the national grid. The government backed scheme allows people who generate up to 5 megawatts of energy produced by Solar PV Panels to gain a payment for every kW that is produced. To qualify for the feed in tariff the instillation of the Solar PV Panels must have been installed by an MCS installer, of which 365 Solar is accredited.

                Solar PV Panels are cells that convert the Suns solar energy in a Direct Current, (electricity) this is then converted into an Alternating Current which makes the electricity compatible with household appliances.

                There are many benefits to investing in Solar PV Panels for your home; it is estimated that a Solar PV system can generate up to 40% of your household energy requirements. It also allows you to generate an income; by selling some of the electricity generated back to the national grid you ensure your inclusion of the government backed feed in tariff scheme. Solar energy comes from a sustainable source; by using Solar PV panels as an energy source you dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

                365 Solar have completed installations in a variety of areas and are available for installation in areas such as; Louth, Brigg, Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Hessel, Immingham, Skegness, Waltham, Scartho, Brigsley, Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Lincoln, Hull and many more areas across Lincolnshire, Humberside and North East Lincolnshire.

                Starting up your own Solar PV Panels and becoming part of the Feed in Tariff is all very straightforward. The installation will be carried out by MCS qualified installers. On completion of the installation 365 Solar Panels will register the installation on the Feed in Tariff database, this is then where your MSC certificate is produced. Once the Solar PV Panels system is installed the energy supplier has to be contacted with the details of the MCS eligibility certificate, this then allows confirmation of the tariff.

                If you would like to take a step forward and convert to using solar electricity then using Solar PV Panels is definitely the best way to go. The installation brings many benefits to your home as well as drastically reducing your electricity costs. For the best choice, think 365 Solar Panels.


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