Deal With Your Haters

1. Assess and Re-evaluate yourself. Think: what could you have possibly done that made your haters hate you so much? Were you too annoying to them? Had they never succeed in replacing your spot as the school’s most famous and talked about personality? Had they been nothing but minions who simply do what you asked them to do? You may have done something that really hurt them, perhaps unconsciously. When you get the answers to these questions, it is by then that you can take appropriate actions toward your haters.

2.Do not let them affect you. Tell yourself that they don’t matter enough to affect you. Just don’t mind them at all. This is the best way to deal with your haters. Do not let them affect you in any way; after all, they have got nothing to contribute to whatever success you’ll achieve. If you mind and think about your haters all the time, they will only affect you negatively and every action or decision you are about to make will be influenced by them. Remember, your haters will always be haters. They are born that way. Thank them instead of cursing them. Block any negative energy that they cause. Thank them whole-heartedly for the publicity they give you! And thank them for being instruments that allow you to re-evaluate and reassess your worth. So thank them.

3.Think of those who believe in you. There is always a balance in everything, so if you have haters then there are always those on the other side who love and believe in you. Your family, your true friends and those in the crowd who think just how great you are – these people are the ones worth your time and energy. Think of them instead. Let them inspire you to become a better person. Let them encourage you to run the race and be on the top – where you rightfully belong.

4. Focus your eyes on your blessings. Rather than dwelling on the negative things your haters have been throwing at you, why not focus your attention to the blessings that you have. From that good paying job to that not-so-bad second-hand car you just got. The talent to sing and draw people’s attention when you talk, your good health, your beautiful skin, your 26-inch waistline, your pretty peepers. You can go on and on and enumerate all those good things bestowed on you and by then you can truly realize how much gratefulness can overwhelm your heart.

5.Do what you think is right. For as long as you don’t step on someone else’s feet, go and do what you think and believe is right. No one gets to dictate us on what to do and how to do things. Continue to do what you think is best for you. Your haters love seeing you downtrodden. Doing good in everything will surely break your haters’ hearts.

Even our fairytale princesses have haters. We all do. That’s just how the world keeps its balance. It’s a matter of how you deal with them. And mind you, how you deal with them will either break you or make you. As for me, I join Blair Waldorf in saying, “game on, you haters!” XOXO

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