Make Money Selling Domain Names

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Picture   Domain name conjecture is one of the many ways to make money from home. It has low investment, high profit, plus it is easy and fun. Webmasters and businesses are always searching for good domain names and will be ready to pay you good money if you have got the name that they are looking for. You can easily make money by Domaining.

Domaining is the purchase of domain names. You can buy them at their registration price, or buy them cheap, and trade them at profit. Many people earn good money just by  domain names, as it is an easy way to make money online.

Buying and selling domain names is like buying and selling real estate. You buy a domain name and sell it for huge profits. It is extremely easy to make money selling domain names.You can buy domain names starting from US$ 5 per year to US$ 15 or more  on extension. Like .com , .net, .info , .org domains will cost around US$ 7-10 per year.

US$ 7-10 per year.

Good Domain Names

If you have decided to make money selling domain names, it is  that you select the best domain name to purchase. While buying a domain name, the suffix is the most important. Make sure you buy a .com website. The other good options are .net and .org

For example, if you can’t find available, you can go for, or, although .com sites are the easiest to sell.

While trying to make money online, you have to keep in mind some  things:

•          Get a generic name for your website.
•          Do not try to buy a trademark that does not belong to you, as it is illegal and is known as cyber squatting.
•          Shorter names are better because they are easier to remember.

Always do a research before trying to make money selling domain names. You can do some research on,,, or any other well-known domain auction sites, and can make an estimate of  selling domain names. Here are some domain names with their recent bids on, remember all the below domain names might have cost hardly US$ 10 to their owner:

•        $1,115,000
•        $525,000

•                      $300,000

•    $100,000

•              $50,000

•          $50,000

•                     $10,500

•            $10,000

•             $10,000

The best way to find good domain names is to use terminated domain lists. These lists contain several expired domain names, which get back to the domain pool each day.

Select Your Domain Name and  On
After your research, you would be able to select a domain name to make money from home. Check the availability of your domain name and get it registered. First  is complete. Next, you must develop your website, to make money online.

Now that you have your domain name and are set for making money sellingdomain names, you must create content for that domain. You can start a blog and post links to your website. You must update the blog everyday to keep it fresh.

After some time, when your website is completely developed and parked, you have an option of keeping it or selling it, although selling is advised. You can list your domain name at or for bidding

It’s as simple as that!! You can make easy money and earn from home, by selling domain names. Takes just a little investment, and you can earn really big bucks by this process.


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