Thursday, December 14

Does Anyone You Know Suffer From Pica????

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For most of you pica would be a new word. Well let me tell you what pica actually is. Pica is a situation where in, the person develops the habit of eating non-edible substances. The non edible substances can be anything ranging from metal, clay, soaps, soil, pens, chalk, paper, battries, pencils etc. It can be anything you can think of!!(Think large)

Pica can be seen in women, men and particularly children. Pica can even be seen in pregnant women Pica does not happen at a certain age but it can happen anytime. Pica is actually a diet related disorder which may be caused by some sort of mineral deficiency particularly iron deficiency.

Research is being carried on pica to narrow down its major causes but till now it is regarded as a psychological disorder. Pica may or may not be a psychological problem. Sometimes it is caused by stress like the example of a 19-year-old American girl who got addicted to eating soaps and detergents. She ate about 5 bars of soap and a box of washing powder every week for 6 months. She got pica because she broke up with her boyfriend and could not do anything about it.

Pica can happen to u because of any reason. So pay attention to what you eat and what others around eat!!!!!



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