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Loft Ladders Overview: The Youngman's Spacemaker Sliding Loft Ladder

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The loft or attic is an extra room which is directly below the roof of a house or a building. Being awkwardly shaped, difficult to access and usually neglected, the loft is usually used as storage space. There is a likelihood that this came about whenever our former families started thinking about the best way to use all the space in their homes. They probably asked, “How are we going to get into the space?” This I think lead to the birth of the loft ladder that we have today. The earliest loft ladders were an attached part of the home, not like the types we have currently which are handy space-saving ones simply accessed and easily concealed. Knowing that, let’s look closer at the Youngman Group, a universal leader in access equipment and also their loft ladder, the Youngman’s Spacemaker Sliding Loft Ladder.

On the Subject of the Youngman’s Spacemaker Sliding Loft Ladder

While Youngman’s Spacemaker is marketed at a very low price, it most assuredly did not cut down on the security element of this remarkable loft ladder. It has wide treads fitted with non-slip rubber that greatly increases safety while reducing risks. It arrives with simple and easy instructions that render it perfect for DIY fanatics. Be aware that when you’re putting in loft ladders one has to be very careful in his measuring skills, otherwise it could become a nuisance to your cosy loft home. The treads and stiles of the ladder are built with extruded aluminium alloy, which render it light, yet powerful. One facet of extruded aluminium is the fact that it can be joined by soldering or welding and this makes it simple to mend. It is the greatest option if you are endeavouring to find simple access, smooth operation, and comfort in ladders.

Features of the Youngman’s Spacemaker Sliding Loft Ladder Assuming to plan to be able to get inside your loft occasionally, the Youngman’s Spacemaker Sliding Loft Ladder is the perfect solution. This ladder is classified under BS 7553 a Class G Kitemark which means that it is highly recommended for domestic use. Kitemark, incidentally, is UK standard of quality. Additionally , it includes a fastening device distinctive to Youngman’s loft ladders that provides additional points for security. Not only is it low-cost, it also includes no-cost delivery.

Specs of the Youngman’s Spacemaker Sliding Loft Ladder

Youngman’s Spacemaker Sliding Loft Ladder is built out of aluminium, an ideal long-lasting material for ladders. They weigh roughly 5kg having a floor to loft floor clearance 1.45m to 2.6 m. It has a duty rating of 100kg or 15.7 stones, great for any residence. Duty rating refers to the volume of weight that can be held up by the loft ladder. The hatch size necessary for this particular ladder is 406mm wide x 457mm long.

By now, you can already imagine how loft ladders would serve as a perfect addition to your elegant home. The Youngman’s Spacemaker Sliding Loft Ladder is certainly top quality as well as affordable. It’s time to head out and buy one of your very own – before someone else does it first!

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