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Cathkart is newly retired and is sick of his two sons still living at home and sponging off their mother. He decides the time has come to push them to move out. He decides to take his wife away for a few days and show sons, Quinn and Elliot just how hard it is to pay bills and run a house. Before he leaves he cuts the power and takes every last trace of food from the house.

The following morning the boys awake to find a video from their Dad telling them of his plan but they are not overly bothered as they don’t think their mom will allow it to happen, unbeknown to them their mom is being help hostage by their Dad to stop her from returning home to her precious boys. The boys soon find themselves hungry and with no money but as their film company is not making any money how are these boys going to fend for themselves.

Will Cathkart get his wish and his house back or will mom break and return to save her boys?

I had never heard of this film before it come on the movie channels and as t starred Danny DeVito both me and hubby thought it would be worth a watch. The story was good and I think the fact that this was a comedy made it so much better and fun to watch. The story did go a little far fetched at times but we managed to see past this and just enjoy it for the light film that it was apart from the small element to the story of the parents being on holiday watching the boys and for me this was the only let down as it was very daft and completely far fetched, had this been played down slightly it would have fitted better into the film.

The acting was good and the main role of Cathkart was played by Danny DeVito and he was very good, he played a strong role who also had a softer side when it came to his family. We did get to see how hard it was for him to try ad push his sons out of the hose but I totally understood where he was coming from as they were complete spongers and took their mom for granted. He delivered all of his lines with ease and perfect comedy timing. There was a good connection between him and on screen wife, played by Katey Segal and they did fit together very well. The sons Elliot and Quinn were also very good, they were played by Skyler Stone and Ryan Hansen. They were typical lazy boys who never worked for anything and took all they could. They were funny ad bounced off each other with their lines and despite a few daft parts I enjoyed watching them. There were a few good support actors in the film but they were nothing very special or stand out compared to the lead roles.

The film was set in the present so no real effort was needed for the costumes or props as they were just standard modern ones, the few shots we got of the countryside where the parent were on holiday were good and it broke up the film slightly. There were a few small stunts in the film and they were very good and fitted effortlessly into the film and really did help with the humour of the film. We did not have any real special effects and none were needed in this film. The music was also very fitting although nothing special or memorable.

There is a lot of laughs in the film and the majority of them are good, we have a lot of spoken gags and a few visual ones but we do get a few which verge on being silly and daft, I think the humour will appeal to the late teenage or early 20’s age bracket and they will find this hilarious.

This is a film only review so there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time is 84 minutes and I found this to be a great length and the rate is 15 which I agree with. The DVD can be bought for under £5 and I think this is a good price for an entertaining film.

I am happy to recommend this film and give it a good 4 stars. I have dropped one star as there were one or two small parts which were just a little daft or far fetched for me. This is one to be watched when you want some mindless fun and don’t mind the odd crude part!


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