Pitfalls of Keyword Ranking Obsession

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an incredibly simple job. It’s all about doing a series of commonsensical tasks with consistency. People tend to make it over complex and as a result of which most of SEO companies have abandoned rationality. Most of the problems that are abound in SEO industry and much of criticism it faces, is the direct outcome of SEO Consultants failing heed to pursue SEO with intelligence.

One of the major reasons of clients’ disenchantment with SEO stems from the obsession of SEO companies and clients alike, towards keyword rankings. Most SEO Consultants believe the selecting the most important keyword and putting all your weight behind that keyword is the only way to get traffic. It’s no surprise to see that the one and the only goal of any SEO activity is getting in to the top page of Google search result for that main keyword. It is often thought that ranking well for one high traffic keyword will ensure that loads of traffic will be witnessed. Though, the logic is sound, there are many problems associated with this trend.

These co-called main keywords are most of the times not high traffic keywords in actual sense. Yes, they may witness lot of traffic but an insignificant portion of that is the traffic that will do business with you. Most of the generic keywords are what people in industry know and use. Layperson may not know or use those keywords. That means that though your website may ranks for a key phrase that is popular among industry people, you may be missing out on quality traffic from your actual buyers!

Focusing all your attention and resources on one set of keywords is akin to putting all your eggs in one basket. You have no clue how much actual traffic you will see if you achieve top ranking for a competitive keyword. What if that keyword looses flavor few months down the line?

Trying to get top ranks for a highly competitive keyword is hard. Very hard, to be precise and sometimes downright impossible. There may be established websites with much better content, reputation and SEO. Wasting your budget on competing with them can be very costly. And even if you do manage to come to top, there is no guarantee that you will manage to remain there. There is a very good possibility that you may soon be toppled from the perch by a much more resourceful rival.

Keyword ranking obsession may distract from more important issues such as traffic and conversion. What should matter is how much business you get from SEO activities.

The best way to benefit from SEO is to work with a broad range of keywords with different levels of traffic and competition. Since, ranking for the most competitive keyword can take months, concentrate on long tail keywords and generate highly relevant traffic from them. Also, make your site much more user friendly for the users so that the conversion rate of your traffic improves.  

SEO is not an exact science. As stated at the start it’s all about doing many things correctly and consistently. Though, you may not be able to accurately fathom which activity helped you the most, you will get results you want in the end!

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