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Using The Cross-Tab Layout

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Then, SCR automatically selects Cross-Tab on the Data tab. The Data tab changes to provide the appropriate options for creating a chart for cross-tab data.

2. In addition to the On Change Of and Show fields that appear when Group layout is selected, a field called Subdivided By appears. This op­tion provides a list of the rows and columns in your cross-tab which you select from to appear on the chart.Selecting Axis Options on the Axes Tab

The Axes tab lets you select options affecting the chart’s axes. You can set options for the gridlines, data values, and number of divisions. The options on the Axes tab apply only to those chart types that have x and y coordinates, such as bar charts, line charts, and area charts. Pie and doughnut charts do not use the Axes tab.

To set axis options:

1. In the Show Gridlines area, indicate which, if any, gridlines you want to display in the graph. You can display the major and/or minor guidelines for the x axis (group values) and the y axis (data values). You can also set the y2 axis (data2 values) for cross-tab or OLAP charts.

2. In the Data Values area, indicate whether you want to include only cer­tain data ranges as mini mums and maximums. With Auto Range selected, the default ranges ;ire used. Uncheck Auto Rrihge to set your own range and number format for the axis values. The number format option allows you to choose from format options such us 1,1.0, iK, !M, $1, S1K, 1%, and more.


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