Using Group Layout

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Use the Group layout option when you have a group defined on your report. This option creates a chart where each group represents one data point (such as one slice of the pie) with one chart printing for the entire report.

1. Choose the Group layout option. Plotting based on group data means that each group is going to be a data point, a bar, or a slice of pie.

If you do not have a summarized group on your report, the group option will not be available on the Data tab.

2. In the On Change Of box, indicate the group field you want to use as the condition for plotting. If you only have one group on the report, you will only see one group in the list.

3. In the Show box, indicate the summary field value you want to plot in the graph. If you have more than one summary for the group, you can select which one you want to represent the size of the bar, piece of the pie, and so forth.

4. In the Placement area, select where you want the chart to appear on your report. Using the Group option, you can insert the chart once per< report in either the Report Header or Footer sections.

Using the Cross-Tab Layout

It is possible to create a chart based on cross-tab data on a report. Creating a chart based on a cross-tab uses only the cross-tab data. Yon ‘must have the cross-tab selected on the report in order to base a chart on it.

1. You must have; t cross-tab object selected in the report (either Design or Preview tabs) for the Cross-Tab option to be unavailable in the Data tab-


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