How Best to Make Use of Lockerz And Its Benefits to Get What You Want

In the past year or so, Lockerz has been getting really well up and running. Except what exactly is this site and how can it benefit YOU?

We all ask ourselves this once in a while, so here I am to share some information that’s working for most of the members.

The thing almost all Lockerz members like to do is go on the site on about a daily basis (for less than 2 minutes, to get their daily PTZ.

PTZ can be redeemed for expensive items, bid on items, and used to reduce the price of items that you have an interest in buying.

And we’re not talking about crappy stuff that’s not really interesting or is just more of their own brand-stuff. I’ve been eyeing that Ipad for a while now.

How to get PTZ? Well here’s the goldmine you’re looking for:

1: Log in on a daily basis for less than 30 seconds, get your login PTZ, and then answer the daily question for more PTZ. This racks up PTZ in the long run.

2: If you have something you want to buy (such as video-games, clothes, or whatever), first browse through Lockerz’ Buy section. Everything there is more or less market price. They don’t charge you any more than the actual stores would charge you. Whenever you buy something, you get PTZ, and a lot of it, too. Even better, PTZ you have can go into reducing the price of whatever you’re interested in buying.

3: Watch their videos. And it’s not usually promotional, boring, “buy this!” videos. These are sometimes hilarious and interesting videos that can be watched to while away the extra time you have. You get an insane amount of PTZ simply by watching their videos under the Play section.

Now what do you do once you have those PTZ?

1: Reduce the price of things they have that you can buy, by a huge percent margin, depending on your amount of PTZ.

2: Redeem them for prizes (such as my Ipad) that come around about every month.

3: Bid with them in the Bid section of Lockerz, against other Lockerz fans that are also Bidding. This is tricky, as usually things go WAY over the price in the Redeem section, so you better have a good amount of PTZ to use before  you try them here. The good thing is, if you don’t win a Bid, you get your PTZ back, so no harm done in trying.

As for tips and techniques on winning the Bidding and really good tricks to use to get what you want for as low PTZ as possible, I’ll post another article on that so look forwards to it.

As for anyone who wants to join Lockerz and get a head start, feel free to leave me your email and I’ll send you an invite. This benefits both people, so don’t worry that I’m only doing this for myself. The more friends, the more benefits, so why not?

Please direct any questions you have to me or in the comments section, and I’ll address them as fast as possible.

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