Why do we Make Sales Letter

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With this modern age of technological advancement, why do we still need to make sales letter?  Well, sales letter are really not that costly and expensive.  Furthermore, making a sales letter gives the business a slight psychological advantage over all other advertisements.  How so?

By simply taking time out to get a pen and jot down on a  piece of paper the things you want to say to prospective customers, the sweat and tears, not to mention the effort exerted in coming up with a very good sales letter speaks for itself.  It gives specialized and individualized attention to prospective customers as they have a feeling of importance and self-worth when they receive and read these sales letter.  Of course, it must be a very good sales letter to begin with. When people take time out to read the entire sales letter and would generate a reaction, it means that they are interested in the product you are pushing and would just take a little more convincing to get the job done.  

Nevertheless, the resort to the composition of an effective sales letter is being done mainly to cut down on costs, but this does not necessarily mean that it is any less effective than any of the high cost advertisements we see every day.  When people read something, they will always remember this at  some point in time.  This provides an excellent marketing strategy, most especially if it supplements other advertising campaigns being pursued by the business.   

Sales letter are meant to convince people to consider the product being promoted thereon.  Most sales letter try to appeal to emotions, or even reason or logic, all dependent on the kind of approach pursued by the writer.  As said, each writer has a different objective in mind, and this can easily be seen in the sales letter he composes.  An effective tool to convince someone and an ingenious way of getting readers to stand by and listen to what has to be said, it is far more better than having an actual person standing in front of them whom they could easily brush away.  

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