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Analysis of Google Analytics

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It shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your website return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money on the web. By studying Google Analytics you will know where you are getting the most clicks from. One of the most important features of Google Analytics is it will show you what keywords and key search terms people used to find your article. 

If it is correctly used, Google Analytics can offer you what it takes to transform your website from the ‘usual’ to an ‘unusual’.

  1. Free of charge

  2. Tracking visitor criteria

  3. Track website revenue

  4. Track revenue sources

  5. Compare historical data

  6. Reports by email

  7. Popularity of pages

  8. Analyze Search Engine Standards

  9. Analyze & compare visitors’ keyword usages

  10. Able to tune your website according to visitors’ criteria

Setup procedure of Google Analytics

If you look ahead to receive the most desirable website statistics, then it is compulsory to correctly set up Google Analytics. You may follow the below given procedure:

  • Sign up for Google Analytics if you haven’t done that yet

  • You will be prompted to include your website. Do that and subsequently paste the provided tracking script on your site pages one after another.

Next, click on Analytics Settings; have the website profile edited and establish goals for your website. Ensure that you add the thank you page – this is where your visitors are taken to following their completion of your online product purchase form; this step is very crucial and makes a better level of reporting detail available.

To get more accurate result, stop Analytics from tracking your own actions on your site

To prevent this we simply remove our IP from being tracked and here is how it’s done. This will really help you get more accurate results for your website. To this ;

1. Log in to your Google Analytics account
2. In the top left of the page click ‘Analytics Settings’
3. Then click ‘Filter Managers’
4.In the filter form

  • Name your filter

  • There are 3 drop down menus, from the center menu choose ‘Traffic From IP Addresses’ and you will open the field to enter your IP

  • Enter you IP Address into the field

  • If you use analytics on more than one site you can choose which sites you want to be blocked from.

5. Then click save. Now your IP will no longer be tracked.

The Google Analytics report on your earnings by user location, browser type, and referring source are important information because you can target your efforts on the search engine optimization that works for you.


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