Basic Information About Courgettes

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There are many fruits which have the versatility to be used as both fruit and vegetable. Courgettes are among these versatile fruits. This article will introduce courgette and discuss its various characteristics and uses.

If you are from the UK or New Zealand, chances are you know this fruit by a different name. The British and Kiwis commonly call it Zucchinis. On other parts of the world it is also referred to as vegetable marrow.

Courgette belongs to the squash family. It is a summer squash variety. However, it differs to other squash plants in terms of its season. It has a very long season unlike most squash plants which are seasonal. This particular plant is available all year long.

The courgette plant in itself has many varieties. You can notice that they come in various shapes and colors. Yet the most widely known variety is the green courgettes.

This fruit is famous for being used in Ratatouille. However, there are many ways of preparing it for eating. It can be fried, steamed, blanched, used in soups, included in tarts, included in risottos, eaten raw in salads and baked as spicy bread.

The flower of this plant can also be eaten. There are various ways of eating its flower. It could be stuffed with meat and then steamed. It can also be baked after being stuffed with meat. Another way of preparing it is deep frying it after being coated in butter.

Courgettes or zucchinis are truly flexible. Both its fruit and flowers can be used in various courgette recipes. And it is available all year long.

The author is a nutritionist and is currently working for a non-profit health care corporation. For more information about the topic, visit the following link: Courgette Recipes


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