Kitchen Islands Butcher Block – 5 Ways They Help Enhance Your Kitchen

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As a REALTOR it is my experience, that homes with kitchen Islands butcher blocks, always move the home up the buying list of possible purchases, being considered by my clients.

I have never heard “Oh no there is an island in the kitchen”. I have heard “Oh Great, I like that” “This Island is too small”, “I would have put the island here”, “Can I put a larger top on this island?”, “Can I put a cook top in this island?”, “This island is awesome”. Get the point?

The range of available Kitchen Islands is as varied as your imagination. Styles are available that accommodate cook tops, down draft, cook tops, slide in, ranges, sinks, multiple sinks, ovens, and counter tops for bar style eating. They are available in all styles, and colors, and serve several functions in your home. They enhance the beauty and appeal of your kitchen 5 ways.

1. In your kitchen they immediately expand usable counter space.

2. They create proximity to counter space from all points in the kitchen, from the sink to the refrigerator, etc.

3. Kitchen islands butcher blocks contribute a cozy feel to your kitchen, and movable islands provide the option to reconfigure your kitchen and create a more defined eat in space, especially if the separation is not clear.

4. They provide eye pleasing and interesting artistic lines to otherwise rectangularly symmetrical kitchen space

5. They offer the opportunity to expand the utility of your kitchen. Have you always wanted and extra oven? Need additional storage space?

If you are looking for an interesting change in your kitchen, to enhance utility, provide market enhancement, and appeal for your home, many exciting options are there for your exploration. You are only limited by your imagination.


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