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Ways to Get Reliable Database of Textile Importers And Exporters

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Those who are involved in garment / textile import export are fully aware of the numerous advantages they would get from an authentic and reliable database of Textile Importersand Exporters. This database is the only resource of the most authentic information that is required at every step for taking important business decisions.

Knowing the importance of this information, it is quite obvious that almost every trader is on the look out for the most reliable resource. Following are the different ways one can approach to access this kind of information with their respective drawbacks:

From the ports:

Bill landing is a document that is required to be filled at all international ports by traders. This document contains details like Textile Importers Exporters Names, Address, Telephone, Fax Numbers, Product Description, Quantity, Price, Duty, Date of Shipment, HS Codes,etc. You can collect the bill landing document from the ports to access this information.

Drawback –It is difficult to collect the exact data from the port you are approaching. You will need to visit several ports for that database. Also, the process is very cumbersome.

From Middleman or Broker:

Some of the brokers or middle-man involved in international trading provide import export database to their clients on request. But this data is not reliable due to the following reasons.

Drawbacks –Database provided by the middleman or broker does not guarantee authenticity. There are chances that it has been tampered in the process of collection of compilation. Also, you might not get the exact data you are looking for. For example – if you are exporting ready-made garment like cotton shirts to USA, you need to access the USA textile importersdata that contains names of USAtextile importers, who are importing ready-made cotton shirts. If you get USAtextile importers data for ready made ties, it is of no use to you.

Online Import Export Database companies:

This is the most reliable option for authentic Textile Importers and Exportersdata or any other product’s import-export data. The leading online database companies like Infodrive India collect data from the international ports of India and other foreign countries. As the data is collected from the source of origin, therefore it is authentic. The data is then carefully compiled in RDBMS Format (Relation Data Base Management System) and stored in Microsoft SQL Server Database. Another advantage of using the online services is that, the leading companies maintain Indian Company profiles databases, which is added to the collected data and then hosted. Relevant details like Textile Importers Address, Email, Telephone, Contact Persons, etc are added wherever possible on best effort basis.

Drawbacks –There are no such drawbacks, when it comes to the data of the online companies. It’s just that the traders need to be more careful about which company they are approaching for their information requirements. Leading online database companies are the safest bets.

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