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When Eating Becomes a Disorder

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We eat to live and not vice versa. However when eating becomes are problem it leads to a disorder. Eating is connected with our health. Whatever we eat it influences our health and finally our mental well-being. When you suffer from eating disorders your diet becomes unbalanced. In some cases this problem compels a person to stay away from food. According to psychologists eating disorder is a type of mental illness. If your regular diet gets disturbed and the process continues over a period of time then you are heading towards the syndrome known as eating disorder.

Trauma, intense anguish or life threatening incidents may compel a person to change his daily routine which includes eating. There are some common disorders connected with eating like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. There are also others like selective eating, rumination syndrome and compulsive overeating. When a person shows abnormal behavior towards eating he needs psychological attention. Usually people suffering from this disorder are given medications along with behavioral therapy. Though medications help yet it is behavioral therapy which is more effective. Case observations have pointed towards the fact that psychotherapy works in the long run rather than medications. Therefore patients are given medications only to get relief in the first place and thereafter they are asked to follow behavioral therapy measures.

One of the major and common disorders related to eating is known as anorexia nervosa. When a person is too concerned about weight loss and thinks that it is affecting his or her body then that person is suffering anorexia nervosa. This fanatic attitude can sometimes lead to death. Anorexia nervosa is of two types. When a person gorges on food it is the binge/purge type and when he abstains from food it is the restricting type. If you observe closely you will discover that today many people in the society are affected by this disorder. The ‘size zero’ fad which is currently a fashion statement in the modern world has influenced scores of women to skip food in order to achieve that perfect body. This can have a serious impact on health and may also lead to untimely death.

It is therefore imperative to get treatment for anorexia. For those who are suffering from anorexia there are several treatment options. You can choose the right one for yourself which you can afford comfortably. Some of the treatment options are hospitalization (partial/inpatient), individual therapy, dietician/therapist combo treatment, residential treatment etc.


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