A Review Of Whirlpool Air Purifiers

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If you like to buy home equipment, it may not be the first time you have heard about Whirlpool since it is a popular and trusted company with a range of products including the Whirlpool air purifiers. Some of their other products include ovens, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners and refrigerators. To add to these products, Whirlpool is also involved in the manufacturing and selling of a variety of air purifiers. When you want to buy air purifiers for your office or home, you can begin by viewing what Whirlpool can offer you.

By now Whirlpool has two models of air purifiers in the market – ‘Whirlpool Air Purifier’ and ‘Whispure True HEPA’. Both these Whirlpool air purifiers work in purifying the air in homes and in offices. They are also among the best since they use HEPA filters which are the best filters known to date.

The Whirlpool HEPA air purifier is one of the best performing air purifiers and it is also energy saving. Another benefit of using this Whirlpool air purifier is that it uses a ‘sleep’ mode and a filter indicator when it needs to be changed. This air purifier is also capable of cleaning the air within a room of about 510 square feet.

Whirlpool Whispure HEPA air purifier may seem costlier than others but you must remember that it can clean a larger room than most. This Whirlpool air purifier can cost up to $300. Not just the purifier’s cost, you may also need to buy replacement filters, each one at a cost of $100, but you need to replace them on an annual basis.

Another Whirlpool air purifier is known as the Traditional model, however it has nothing traditional about it since it is as efficient as the Whispure True HEPA. The variation between these two air purifier lies in the size of the room they can clean. The traditional Whirlpool air purifier can only clean a room measuring 250 square feet, the reason why it costs lesser than the HEPA. The price of the traditional Whirlpool air purifier that is also an energy saver is around $200 with the replacement filter cost at about $100. Normally the replacement has to be done once each year once you find that the filter light has been activated.

Another reason why the Whirlpool air purifiers are the best is that they are so quiet, you may not even know they are being used in the room!


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