Online Continuing Education For Mfts – Benefits

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There are many highs and lows practicing as a Marriage and Family Therapist. There are many challenges to endure along the way. Those challenges may include a psychotic episode of a client, the occasional immediate family obligation, getting a claim paid by a client’s insurance company, brainstorming new methods for producing new referrals, or just finding some personal time. Even though these are fairly common among practicing Marriage and Family Therapists, there is one challenge each and every MFT will deal with, continuing education.

MFT continuing education doesn’t need to be a negative thing. On a positive note every state has determined that at least some of the required CEUs can be earned online. This is excellent news! Online continuing education has become a more trusted and helpful way of achieving one’s CE credits. People are not afraid of using the internet like they were years ago. They trust it for about everything these days. The achievement of CEUs is no exception.

Online MFT Continuing Education – 3 Benefits:

The first benefit is time. The amount of time it used to take to travel away to a workshop is extensive. Time possibly better spent elsewhere. We all have a limited amount of time. We should use it judiciously. If you can earn your CEUs at home online instead of traveling to a workshop, then you have much more time for your family and your practice.

The second benefit is the saving of money. It costs a lot to travel to a workshop. When considering the cost of travel, the expense of hotels and rental cars, and meals, it adds up to big expense. Achieving CEUs online puts all that money spent on traveling to a seminar back in your pocket, money for you and your family.

The third benefit is the reduction of stress. The process of traveling brings much stress. There are many components that have a tendency to go awry. These variables are eliminated when all you have to do is pull out your laptop or get on your desktop to take a course. The process is simplified. This removes much stress. We all have enough stress in our lives. The more we can eliminate the better. Earning your online CEUs reduces stress while still attaining the requirements of continuing education.

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