Which Free Iphone Tester Program to Choose

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When there is a new launch of an electronic product, companies often offer the device for free in return for a review from you. The iphone 4 has become quite popular and there is still time to review this successful smart phone. The best part is you get to keep it after reviewing the phone.

In order to become an iphone tester, you will need to look for sites that are seeking testers online. Be careful as there are numerous scam sites out there that only want your contact information to send you promotional emails. These are the sites you would wan to avoid at all cost as it will cost you time. There are also however, many legitimate sites that do provide their testers will a free apple iphone. You need to understand that these are large research companies that have millions to spend for gathering user data. These user feedback is valuable information for the company since they would not get them through their regular sales. This data is taken into account when a new product is created, or when the 2nd generation version of the apple iphone is being developed. It is good to know the background of how the free iphone program works before taking part in it.

Through our research, this free iphone site came out the strongest by far and they have been operating for quite a long time and is reputable. We suggest you signup if spots are available in your area and receive your apple iphone in a week’s time.


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