Get a Free Iphone 4g Through Reviewing

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The apple iphone 4g has been the most popular smartphone since its launch. Many sites have been reviewing it and was ranked #1 in terms of usability and popularity. However, the iphone 4g also comes with an expensive price tag, which is why some might avoid getting it for that very reason. In this article, we are going to show you how you could get an Apple iphone for free online. You could basically do this by writing a review of the product. There are companies out there that would want your feedback and user data; in order for them to get your honest review, they let you keep the device for free after you have tested it.

The apple iphone 4 comes with a camera and a high resolution display. Many users we have spoke to really do like the improved display quality from the iphone 3gs. The shape is also different, which some may like or dislike. There is also the facetime feature where you get to videochat with someone over the iphone. This is a feature that is gaining popularity. There is also the obvious app installs that you could do with the apple iphone 4. The app store has been a huge success since the time the iphone product line launched, and is proven to be a successful business model. You could review your favorite apps and list why you thought it was useful. There are many top applications that would give you an iphone for free in return for your review of it as well.

Through our experience, this free iphone site was the most reliable and many of our users are getting their free ipad from it. It has limited spots so have a look at the availability and see if there are any openings in your area.


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