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If you dip down deeper in heavy metal you will find a genre called Viking Metal. Viking Metal is another heavy metal sub genre that you will find in heavy metal. This type of music is a combination of death, black and folk heavy metal bands. This is a fairly exciting and new genre of music. Viking metal elements often include dramatic full sounds, quick fast beats and keyboard characteristics. Viking metal writers use mythology and fantasy themes within their music. As many people believe, Viking metal is not the satanic. Their evils sounds and heavy distortion is just the style of the music. With fantasy being the major element of Viking metal, you will find a lot of songs about epic battles.

Viking metal has strong roots in Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Finland. The panflute, harp and accordion are some of the most influenced instruments used in Viking metal. Viking metal likes to use deep growls and roars in their vocals to give the Viking sound a more metal atmosphere. Viking metal does give a gray and dark feeling behind the music. Black metal has influence some of the techniques and style of Viking metal.

Viking metal songs usually consist of god and warfare in their music. The earliest signs of Viking metal were Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin wrote songs that includes some gods and famous Vikings. Even Black Sabbath used choir vocals to give a Viking feel to their music. The first heavy metal band that combined and wrote all elements of Viking metal into a song was Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force. In 1985 they also had a song called “I am a Viking.” The first band to be considered Viking metal was Bathory. Bathory then experimented with some Black metal and Viking metal. Bathory continued to make Viking metal, but started to incorporate Folk metal instruments. This is probably one of Bathory’s strongest abums recorded.

Viking metal references towards the pagan culture. Northern Europe is the prominent birth place of most Viking metal bands. Black metal is often a starting point for most Viking metal bands. Viking metal music usually is epic, mythological and dramatic. Pull Viking metal apart you will find elements from Traditional, Black and Folk. Bands often seemed in English language which gives them a wider audience in the European area.

If you would like to know or want to listen to some Viking metal bands here is a list you can check out. Most of these bands have a different genre background while creating Viking metal. Equilibrium, Bathory, Enslaved, Vanaheim, Manowar, Ensiferum and Amon Amarth.

Viking heavy metal has been around for more than 20 years. Even being around for 20 years, it’s still is one of the most unpopular heavy metal genres. Songs and albums are still being recording for Viking metal. They continue to grow the genre with a strong fan base. Viking metal will continually become more known within the metal community and grow as time goes on.


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