Tuesday, December 12

Eight Things to Consider When Getting a Nanny

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  1. Does she have a criminal background: Doing a criminal background check is easy enough these days.  You should definitely consider whether or not your future nanny has a criminal background.  Some things might be forgiveable but others might not.  Be sure to know your nanny’s backgroudn.
  2. References: Not every nanny will have references for being a nanny.  However, they might have been a babysitter or might have had some other job.  Check to see what kind of a worker your nanny is.  You’d be surprised what you can find out from references.
  3. How good is she with the kids: Give your nanny a one week test period.  Stick around during the week or have someone else accompany the nanny.  How well the nanny gets along with your kids is important.  Without a good rapport, you should consider getting another nanny.
  4. How much does she charge: Be realistic.  Does the nanny’s cost fit in your budget.  Different nannies will charge different amounts.  Remember you might get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean that a cheaper nanny will be any better or worse than a more expensive one.
  5. What language does she speak: Some nannies might not speak a lot of English.  That might not be a bad thing, especially if you want your children to be exposed to another language.  Some people specifically look for a Spanish-speaking nanny to help their children get a head start on life.
  6. What education does your nanny have? Sometimes it is possible to get a college-educated nanny from abroad.  That can be beneficial to your children’s development.  An uneducated nanny might not be able to read stories to the children or teach them the alphabet.  An educated nanny is definitely a plus.  In a bad economy, it might be possible to get a highly educated nanny.
  7. Does the nanny clean or cook? Some nannies won’t only take care of your children but will also clean up the house or cook meals.  That is a definite plus when considering a nanny.  If the nanny cooks meals that you can eat for dinner when you come home, then the nanny will be saving you money.  It is better for the children is the nanny cooks wholesome meals for them rather than microwaving or heating up meals.  If the nanny is willing and able to clean, that can save you time and money as well.  Be sure to factor in these cost savings when you consider how much a nanny charges.
  8. Is the nanny honest? You are going to be leaving your home at the disposal of the nanny.  You want to be sure the nanny isn’t going to steal or be dishonest in other ways.  This isn’t always easy to determine, but it is an important consideration.

Keep these factors in mind when determining whether a nanny is right for you or not.  Good luck!


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