Here is How You Can Effectively Use a Seedling Mat

Process of utilizing a Seedling Mat

The very foundation of a good garden starts with a Seed. Seed marks the beginning to a garden, whether vegetable, herb or flower. Ideal conditions are a must to seed growth beginnings, just as everything else in life. An ideal environment is a must for seeds to effectively germinate.

There are a variety of factors that determine what makes a good environment for seeds to sprout. Soil is one of the vital factors. Seeds will not germinate and sprout unless the soil is at the right temperature. Cold weather and cold temperature conditions will not help, soil needs warm temperature. This is universally true for any kind of seed.

Excessive sun or cold temperature will not be good for seeds to start. Seed Heat Mats can do wonders! For this very reason, heating mat seedling is an often conversed topic. Seedling heat mats work the magic becuase they help maintain a uniform temperature to the soil which causes the seeds to germinate. Seedling heat mats are thus soil warming mats

Now that you can appreciate a seed starter heat mat, here is how you effectively use the germination mat. Most seed germination mats increase or decreate the ambient temperature 10 to 20 degrees. It is hence critical that the surrounding natural temperature is not too cold or hot to start with. While plant heating mats certainly help accomplish the goal of germination, a non-ideal temperature surrounding will not help in the purpose. After you select the appropriate surrounding temperature for the seeds, place the seed heat mat in a maner where the seed flats can be spread evenly. Next, water the soil to create good moisture. Just as you won’t set the stage in a highly cold or hot temperature surrounding, ensure that when you water the soil, you don’t get it muddy. The goal is just to get the soil moist. Any more or any less will not help the seeds. You could dome the spread with an accessory or you could simply use a wrap to cover. Such a wrap could be plastic. Do not cover fully so as to not allow air to circulate freely. Just as moist soil is critical, so is air to help in the germination process.

Since the temperature gradient provided by the seeding heat mat starter is 10 to 20 degrees above or below ambient, watch the ambient temperature and set the heat mat seed temperature suitably. Once the seedlings are big enough, you should transfer the seed flats from the seedling heat mat onto a bigger container source. A beautiful garden experience is just around the corner if you follow the above steps carefully!.

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