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Sometimes, it’s fun to think back to our high school years. From all the drama, the purposelessness, and the creepy cafeteria food, we’ve cultivated happy little memories. To think that there are PC RPG games just for reliving this wonderful time! Virtua School is a fun text-based RPG game download that packs quite a humorous punch. Developed by Josh Noe and Dana Lodico, anyone can get quite a few laughs from this free RPG.


Virtua School places you, yes you, in the action. To think that those new-fangled games have the nerve to call themselves immersive when they don’t even let you use your own name! While it’s possible that all of the events of Virtua School happened to you, odds are that you will have to use your imagination a bit, particularly if you are a heterosexual female. Your day starts off in the morning (waking up late, as always), and you already have to make a major decision: take a shower or make the bus on time. The horror!

From there, you encounter several hilariously miserable teenagers throughout the day, from your friend Bob to a homosexual named Leon. The object of the game is to balance your grades, popularity, and wealth, as well as to achieve various honorable mentions.

Aside from its humor, Virtua School beats out all other PC RPG games I’ve ever played as most replayable. Figuring out different paths to chase all of these awards makes for some seriously awesome gameplay. Seemingly insignificant decisions will impact how the rest of the game is played, and randomly-generated content keeps things fresh even if you play the same way. No other RPG game download comes close.


Well, uh, look at all the pretty colors!


The game is designed to run on a DOS platform, so DOSBox is a necessity. If you need help setting it up, the DOSBox wiki has a page specifically for you. I’m telling you, no other PC RPG games are worth the work.

Get the game for free from the Virtua School website. Just download it to a directory you’ll remember, run DOSBox, mount the directory, and run Virtua! After playing it through a while, check out the Virtua School website to see what achievements you still can grab, and maybe even discover hidden ones. We at RPG Downloads bid thee the best of luck reliving your high school years.

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