Tuesday, December 12

Unrest in Arab World

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From last a few months the Arab world is reeling under pressure from social groups for restoration of democracy and to pull off the dictator and authoritarian regime.

This part of world is known as the darkest part of world where poverty and lawlessness is rampant. the people here don’t have access to basic facilities of human lifestyle and cut-off from rest of the world. There are many similar reason for the people of these countries to revolt against present regimes.

First there was a small unrest in Egypt, which escalated to a bigger revolt when Muslim brotherhood and Al Ber Dei entered into it. The people fought the war of democracy with peace and non-violence, and ultimately won the game. Now Mr. Mubarak has gone and most probably a civil democratic president will hold the office by September.

By taking an inspiration from Egyptian revolt, the people of other African countries has also started revolt against their respective incumbent governments. Its good if the result comes sooner. In Libya, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and Bahrain all around there are people protesting on the roads and streets.

If the solution is found out sooner, then it will strengthen the world democratic system, but if it is getting prolonged then it will have serious financial repercussions to all of the world. Crude oil prices are soaring to highs in last 2 years. Investment worth Billions of dollars are getting trapped in danger zone which will affect the balance sheet and so the economy of respective country.


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