Monday, December 18

Five Reasons Not to Have a Job

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Here are five reasons not to have a job:

  1. Your income is limited.  With a job, you will only make what you can get in salary or in the hours that the company allows you to work.  It is nigh impossible to get an increase in your income.  When you don’t have a job, if you set your sights on making money, there is virtually no limit to how much you can make.  That means that a job will limit you whereas not having a job and working on your own means no limit to how much you can make.

  2. Bosses are often incompetent.  How often have you had a job and had to accede to the demands of your boss which often seemed foolish.  Sometimes the boss knows less than you do about how to a job, but you still have to follow his rules and way of doing things.  This can be extremely frustrating.

  3. Jobs make you a coward.  One of the unwritten rules of having a job is not to make any angry at you.  You have to act like a coward around your superiors as well as around your colleagues.  If something isn’t going right, you have to keep your mouth shut, that is if you ever expect to be promoted.  Eventually this cowardly nature could be come a part of you.

  4. Your health will deteriorate.  Without a job, you have time to cook and workout.  When you have a job, it is likely that you will be so physically or mentally exhausted at the end of the day that you will skip exercise or cooking your own meal.  Your health will suffer.  When you don’t have a job, you have all day to work out and plenty of time to prepare your own meals instead of ending up at the fast food drive through.

  5. Risk is out of your hands.  Normally, people think that having a job is the surest way to make money.  However, you are completely dependant on others for your sustenance.  You depend on the company as well as your boss to keep you around.  This is risky because you never know when a lay-off might occur.  The risks are totallyout of your hands.

Of course, these five reasons for not having a job don’t offer you money.  Instead, you will have to make your own way in the world and make your own money.  Still, if you have a way of supporting yourself without undertaking a job, you will be better off in the long run.


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