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The Self Concept And Its Importance To Your Success

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A lot of reseach has been undertaken over the years to determine why some people are more successful than others. It has been discovered, and said to be the greatest discovery of all time in human psychology, that the self-concept is what is responsible for what happens.

The Self Concept Determines The Power Of Your Consciousness

Professor Amit Goswami of the University Of Oregon, in the field of quantum physics states that the consciousness directly creates the physical reality, and the mathematics of this is clearer than daylight. Other notable academics such as Professor John Hagelin (Harvard) and Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (UCLA) have also proposed this. What this means for you is that the more powerful and expanded your consciousness is, the more you will draw the positive circumstances and situations which you wish to create.

The self-concept is the vehicle by which the consciousness can expand. The three areas of this are your ideal, esteem and image. The ideal are the thoughts you have and the goals you have set yourself. Esteem is your feelings that occur in the body. The image component is the images which are playing in your mind, and interpretation between those images to create your role in relationship to them.

Working all three of these areas correctly will lead to a tremendous improvement in all of inner confidence, drive for life and mindset. You will simply see things in a new light. People will interact with you differently, and the correct opportunities which you wish to experience will present themselves to you.

To develop your own self-concept and build your consciousness, we recommend that you read as many inspirational things as possible, so that you are filled with positive imagery and material. This will make you feel good, and draw positivity into your life as a consequence. Also consider listening to inspirational audio programs for forward thinking people. Always be open minded to their message, and you will gradually draw it into your experience. What you must ingrain in your thinking is that you must always expose yourself to positive things so that it will work the fundamental aspect of yourself in the self concept. This is how change takes place in your life, and it’s the grand-daddy secret to your success.

To learn more about this interesting topic, go to our website. Here, we analyse the secrets of genii in the past, like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and other notable figures. Using these principles, you can become a genius that is able to accomplish all that they want out of life.


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