Monday, December 18

Heal Body And Mind With Tea

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A morning cup of tea is a great way to start your day or a relaxing way to unwind before bed. Did you know that tea could also be a natural remedy? Below are a list of ten teas and their properties to help heal body and mind. 

Green Tea– Its healing benefit is in its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants inhibit cell damage in our bodies so green tea may be a great preventative beverage. This tea may be especially beneficial if you’re suffering from a cold or other viral infection.

Rooibos Tea– This traditional African tea may offer anti-inflammatory properties in its naturally sweet leaves. Pair it with honey and a cinnamon stick for a deep, rich flavor that comforts as it heals.

Chamomile Tea – If you struggle with insomnia, this may be the tea for you. Chamomile is a natural sedative that soothes and relaxes frayed nerves. Sip a cup before bedtime and ease into restful dreams.

Ginger Tea– Digestive disorders are more common than they should be due to our over-processed diet. Ginger tea may help improve digestion and ease stomach discomfort.

Peppermint Tea– In addition to being refreshing, Peppermint Tea may also help clears congestion and offer relief to those suffering from upper respiratory ailments.

Nettle Tea– This tea may be a good one to have around if you suffer from seasonal allergies. It has also been reported to treat allergic skin conditions such as eczema.

Milk Thistle Tea– Milk Thistle has been used as a liver detoxifier and cleanse. It also may help ease bladder and kidney inflammation. If you want a good cleansing tea, this one is for you.

Pau D’ArcoTea – If you want a strong antifungal/antibacterial tea, you’re looking for Pau D’Arco. It may help to ease constipation and yeast infections and has been reported to be an anticarcinogenic (anticancer). ImportantNote: Do not use this tea if you are on blood-thinners or have a bleeding disorder.

Ginseng Tea– This tea is a stimulant that may help to improve circulation, boost immunity, improve mental clarity and fight inflammation. Ginseng has also been reported as an anticarcinogenic.

Chai Tea– This tea, when taken in its natural form instead of in an over processed latte, has been reported to ease cold symptoms and muscle aches. It has also been reported to have cardiovascular benefits

What’s great about herbal tea besides their variety is they are an easy, inexpensive way to try a new natural remedy. With so many teas to choose from, experiment with a few until you find the ones that are just right for you! 


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